Latest Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes Messages for Cousin


Happy Birthday Wishes for Cousin : Cousin is the Son or Daughter of Your Aunt or Uncle or Someone with Whom You can Share You Secrets or You can Do Gossips ! On the Special Day of Your Cousin’s Birthday You Can Wish them By Sending Cousin Birthday Wishes or You Can Surprise them with Any Card or Gift. So Check Out Our Collection of Birthday Wishes for Cousin.

Birthday Wishes for Cousin

Happy Birthday Wishes for Cousin


1) Have An Excellent Birthday. All Our Best Wishes.

2) Happy Birthday Cousin. May All Your Hopes And Dreams Come True.

3) It’s Your Birthday. Let’S Celebrate! That’S What Families Are For!

4) For You Cousin, Happy Birthday To Someone Who Is Utterly Fabulous.

5) Cousin, I Hope Your Birthday Is As Awesome As You Are. Happy Birthday!

6) Sending Hugs Your Way On This Very Special Day! Happy Birthday, Cousin.

7) Happy Birthday To You Twins! Much Love And Much Happiness To Both Of You!

8) Happy Birthday. You Are So Important To Me. I Am Glad I Am In Your Family.

9) Cousin, You Are A Beautiful Flower In Our Family’S Garden. Happy Birthday.

10) Cousins Are So Awesome! Well, At Least Yours And Mine Are. Happy Birthday!

11) Cousin, You’Re Kind Of A Big Deal. Happy Birthday, You Awesome Cousin You.

12) Blessed Is This Day, For It Was The Day You Were Born. Happy Birthday, Cousin!

13) Don’T Tell The Others But You Are My Coolest Cousin. Have An Excellent Birthday!

14) Happy Birthday My Uncle, I Wish You A Lot Of Good Surprises For This Special Day.

15) I Hope All Your Wishes Come True And That You Have Plenty Of Fun. Happy Birthday.

16) Cousin, You Are An Important Part Of My Life. I Hope You Have A Fabulous Birthday!

17) Wishing A Wonderful Cousin A Wonderful Birthday! Make The Best Of What You’Ve Got.

18) I Am So Lucky To Have A Cousin Sister Like You. Wish You A Very Happy Birthday Sis!

19) Happy Birthday Auntie! Even Though We Are Far Away, I Send You My Sweetest Thoughts!

20) We Always Share Great Times. I’M So Thankful You’Re A Cousin Of Mine. Happy Birthday!

21) Aunt, Thank You For Making Me Feel Special And Loved. You Are Amazing. Happy Birthday!

22) To My Cousin With Love, I Hope Your Birthday Is As Special As You Are. Happy Birthday!

23) I’ve Always Felt Very Close To You Auntie. I Wish You A Great Birthday, And I Kiss You.

24) For This Wonderful Day, We Wish You All The Happiness You Can Imagine For Your Birthday.

25) In You, I’Ve Found A Great Cousin And The Closest And Truest Of Friends. Happy Birthday!

26) May All Your Days Be Filled With Happy Memories And Flowers, Friendship, And Happy Hours.

27) Today Is Your Birthday, Cousin. Enjoy It! I Wish You Nothing But The Best. Happy Birthday!

28) Cousin, I Hope You Have A Fun-Filled Birthday With Many More In The Future. Happy Birthday.

29) Cousin, It’S Your Birthday! Do Whatever The Heck You Want! Happy Birthday – Let’S Celebrate

30) Happy Birthday, Cousin! Enjoy This Day, Celebrate Your Life, And Be Hopeful Of A Bright Future.

31) You Truly Get More Beautiful And Wiser With Age. I’M Proud To Call You Relative. Happy Birthday.

32) May You Break All Barriers And Fly Towards Your Life Goals And New Achievements. Happy Birthday!

33) My Dear Cousin May You Have A Wonderful Birthday And May You Always Know That I Really Love You.

34) In Case You Didn’t Already Know, You Are A Remarkable Mom. Don’T Ever Forget It! Happy Birthday !

35) Hey Cousin, May You Have A Fun Filled Birthday Celebration And I Wish You More Birthdays To Come.

36) We May Not Have Shared A Womb, But We’Re Just As Close As Those Who Have. Happy Birthday, Cousin!

37) Destiny Come With Some Serious Good Taste By Choosing You As My Cousin, Happy Bday My Dear Sister!

38) To My Dearest Cousin, May Your Future See All Of Your Wishes And Dreams Come True. Happy Birthday!

39) Jump For Joy! It’s The Birthday Celebration Of Our One And Only Peanut! Have A Wonderful Birthday !

40) Cousins Are Connected At Heart. Neither Time Nor Distance Can Ever Break Them Apart. Happy Birthday

41) All The Children Wish You A Great Birthday. And We Know There Will Be Many Other Days Like This One!

42) You Are The Most Outgoing Person In Our Family, I Love Hanging Out With You. Have An Awesome Birthday!

43) My Dear Cousin Sister May You Have A Wonderful Birthday And May You Always Know That I Really Love You.

44) We Are Related To Each Other By Blood, But We Are Connected To Each Other By Heart. Happy Birthday Sis!

45) No Matter Where You Go Or What You Do, My Birthday Wishes Will Always Find You! Happy Birthday, Cousin.

46) Happy Birthday To My Godfather. Here Is A Little Card For You, And Thank You For Being Present, As Always.

47) I Hope Your Birthday Is Just The Start Of A Year Filled With Happy Memories And Blessings. Happy Birthday!

48) On The Winding Road We Call Life, I’M Glad That I Have You To Share The Ride With. Happy Birthday, Cousin.

49) The Family Is Something Wonderful, This Is Why We Are All Here For You Today. Happy Birthday From Everyone!

50) Cousins Are Special And Loved A Whole Lot. My Cousin Is Wonderful Because My Cousin Is You. Happy Birthday!

51) Having A Cousin Who I Can Share My Joys And Anguishes With Is Such A Wonderful Gift. Happy Birthday Cousin.

52) What’S More Comforting Than A Cup Of Hot Cappuccino On A Cold Day? Having A Cousin Like You. Happy Birthday!

53) The Best Memories And The Funniest Times In My Life Are Associated With You. Happy Birthday, Sweetest Cousin!

54) Let This Day Mark A New Period In Your Life – The Period Of Health, Happiness, And Prosperity. Happy Birthday!

55) The Secret To Make My Real Sister Jealous Is On Spending More Time With A Great Cousin Like You, Best Birthday!

56) Cousin, Let Your Birthday Celebration Be Filled With Laughter, Smiles, Warmth And Many Other Birthdays To Come!

57) Each New Birthday Presents You With An Open Page. Fill It With Love, Joy, Wisdom And Good Deeds. Happy Birthday!

58) You Are A Fantastic Cousin, A Perfect Friend And An Awesome Companion In My Life. Have A Fabulous Birthday, Dear!

59) There Is Nothing More Great Than Being Blessed With An Awesome Cousin. I Guess We Both Know That. Happy Birthday.

60) Destiny And Fate Decided That We Would Be Cousins. But We Proved Them Wrong By Being Best Friends. Happy Birthday!

61) Happy Birthday, Cousin! I Hope You Have A Great Day And Know That I Truly Do Love You From The Bottom Of My Heart.

62) Your Birthday Is Always The Opportunity To Have A Family Meeting! We Are All Very Happy To See You! Happy Birthday!

63) The Destiny Has Made Us Cousins, But We’Ve Made Our Own Decision And Became Best Friends. Have A Stunning Birthday!

64) Wishing You A Year Full Of Love, Friendship, And Endless Blessings. You Deserve Them All. Happy Birthday, Dear Aunt!

65) Hope This Year You Shine As Bright As The Sun And Your Smile Be As Sparkling As The Moon. Happy Birthday My Relative

66) Cousin, We Are Definitely A Family, Cousins Tried And True. Best Birthday Cousin. I Am So Happy I’M Related Toy You.

67) Happy Birthday To The Best Cousin Ever! When We Are Together, We Are Cooler Than Anything And Anybody In This World.

68) What Can I Hope For A Special Cousin Who Has It All? Another Year Of Fortune, Blessings And Strength. Happy Birthday!

69) It Doesn’T Matter How Old You Get; You Will Always Be The Youngest, Smartest And Dearest Cousin To Me. Happy Birthday!

70) You’Re The Type Of Cousin That Could Put Real Siblings To Shame. Happy Birthday, And Thank You For Always Being There.

71) Happy Birthday Dear Cousin. May You Do Not Get Older, But Become Better And Better Both Personally And Professionally.

72) Yes We Are Related, Yes We Are Family. But You’Re Not Only My Cousin – Also A Friend Indeed! Have A Fantastic Birthday!

73) You Set A Good Example For Our Entire Family! Happy Birthday To The Most Beautiful And Intelligent Cousin In The World!

74) I Consider You To Be My Sister, Not My Cousin. With Such A Wonderful Sister, I Don’T Need The Best Friend. Happy Birthday!

75) Your Presence In My Life Is A Source Of Joy And Happiness.To My Favorite Cousin, May All Your Dreams And Wishes Come True.

76) As We Grow Old, We Forget The Days Of Our Youth. But I Hope You Never Forget The Fun Times We Shared. Happy Birthday, Cousin!

77) A Little Bird Has Whispered Into My Ear That Today Is The Birthday Of A Little Baby Girl. Be Happy And Healthy. Happy Birthday!

78) It Is Such A Blessing To Have A Caring, Encouraging And Supporting Cousin Like You. Wishing You The Greatest Joy On Your Big Day!

79) You Are Truly The Best Cousin Sister In The World. It’S Because You Always Cheer Me Up Whenever I Am Feeling Down, Best Birthday!

80) Cousin, On Your Birthday, Be Sure To Close Your Eyes, Make A Wish And Hope That All Of The Good Things In This World Come To You.

81) When You Were Born, You Stole My Heart And Since Then, You Hold It In Your Small Hands. Be Healthy And Happy, Darling. Happy Bday.

82) We Are Related In Each Other By Blood. However, We Are Connected To Each Other Through Our Hearts. Happy Birthday My Cousin Sister!

83) I don’t care how much time passes between visits, I always feel like we were just together. I love being your Cousin! Happy Birthday!

84) Happy Bday To You My Dear Cousin! It’S A Great Day To Rejoice For You Now Have Another Year To Live And A Bright Future To Anticipate.

85) When I Look At You, I See A Woman With A Kind Soul And A Loving Heart. You Deserve All The Best In This World. Happy Birthday, Darling.

86) Cousin, I Have Learned So Much From You Over The Years. You’Ve Always Been There To Help Me, Teach Me And Ease My Fears. Happy Birthday!

87) You Became A Year Older, But This Is Not A Reason For Sadness! After All, You Have Become A Year Wiser And More Courageous. Happy Birthday!

88) You Deserve Nothing But Great Things This Year, Since You’ve Always Given Nothing But Greatness To Those You Love. Happy Birthday My Relative.

89) You Are Truly A Blessing To Us! We Are Happy Every Day To Have You As Our Cousin. Happy Birthday And Always Remember That We Love You Forever.

90) You Are Really A Gift To Us! We Are Glad Consistently To Have You As Our Cousin. Happy Bday And Never Forget That We Cherish You For Eternity.

91) Happy Birthday Cousin! Rejoice For You Might Have A Day To Have A Good Time The Stay You Could Have Lived As You Anticipate A Brilliant Future.

92) My Dearest Cousin, During This Year, You’Ve Done Many Incredible Deeds And So Many Accomplishments Are Ahead Of You. Have A Marvelous Birthday!

93) Today You Open A New Page In Your Book Of Life. Start Writing New Things By Having The Joy And Breathe To Do Great Things On This Wonderful Day.

94) I’M Glad You’Re My Cousin. You Deserve All The Success, Happiness And Love In The World. Have A Superb Birthday And A Fantastic Year Ahead Of You.

95) I’M So Glad That You’Re My Cousin. You Deserve To Have All The Love, Happiness And Success In The World. Have An Amazing Birthday And A Joyous Year.

96) You Are One Of The Most Important People In My Life. You Made It Richer And Brighter. So, I Will Make Your Birthday The Best Birthday You’Ve Ever Had.

97) Dear Cousin, Blessed Is The Day That You Were Born. Today Is Definitely The Best Time To Rejoice And Celebrate For Another Year Is Added Into Your Life.

98) Your Determination Has No Parallel, Your Resolve Always Cast In Steel. You Are A True Inspiration And A Remarkable Relative. Best Wishes On Your Birthday.

99) It Doesn’T Matter If I Haven’T Seen You In A Week Or A Year, It Feels As If No Time Passes In Between Each Visit. Happy Birthday, Cousin. May Your Day Be Special.

100) A Little Birdie Whispered In My Ear That Today Is Your Birthday. I Hope You Have An Amazing Day. I Wish You Nothing But Joy, Love, And Laughter In The Coming Year

101) I Had No Control Over Who My Cousin Sister Would Be, But I Have Full Control Over Which Cousin Sister I Would Call My Best Friend – That’S You. Happy Birthday Cuz.

102) With Each Passing Year, I Love You Even More. The Whole Fantastic World Is Waiting For You And I Will Be Always There For Every Up, Down And In Between. Happy Birthday!

103) You Are A True Treasure In My Life. For Me, You’Ve Always Been A Friend, Who Protected His Little Cousin And Helped Always. Thank You For Being My Support. Happy Birthday.

104) I Am The Proudest Cousin In The World Because I Have Such A Beautiful And Sweet Little Sister. Sparkle And Shine On This Day And May Your Birthday Be As Dazzling As You Are.

105) I Can’T Explain How Dear You Are To Me. Our Bond Is Deep And Special And It Doesn’T Matter How Many Miles We Are Apart, You Are Still The Closest Person To Me. Happy Birthday!

106) In Our Hectic Life, We Don’T Need Enough Time To Tell Our Close People How Much We Love And Respect Them. I Want You To Know That You Hold A Special Place In My Heart. Happy Birthday, My Dearest Cousin.

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